Sigurd Folland AS: The best from the ocean

Sigurd Folland AS is a traditional, family-run fish producer based in Averøy. Established in 1928 by Sigurd Folland, we produce a variety of salted and dried fish products for private and retail customers in Norway and Europe.

The company's founder, Sigurd, was originally a farmer but wanted to seek new opportunities in the ocean environment and bought the Langbakken island. Here he started the production of clipfish. His sons Edvin and Sigurd Bjarne joined him early in the history of the company. They purchased the coaster "Eos" to carry fresh fish and saltfish. In 1999 Edvin's son, Sigbjørn, took over responsibility of the company. Today, Sigbjørn runs the company together with his two sons Emil and Ole Sigurd.

Over the last 20 years, turnover has doubled and the number of employees is more than 20 employees. Despite major changes over time, the focus on quality has never changed. Just like 90 years ago, we sell fish products of the highest quality.

Our products:

Fresh fish
Salted fillets

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Contact Information

Address : Reksundveien 207, 6533 Averøy
Telephone : +47 71 51 51 02
E-mail :