Fresh Fish, Saltfish and Stockfish from Averøy.

Sigurd Folland AS sells fish products, including cod, ling and tusk. We provide customers in Norway and beyond with the best fish available. All fish are securely packed to ensure long-lasting quality.

As a traditional family-run company, we have long experience of the fishing industry and we gladly share our knowledge with our customers. Please ask us about storage and preparation.



Did you know that Brazil and Portugal are the countries in the world that eat the most Norwegian clipfish? Bacalao is the national dish of Portugal, and most of the fish is actually imported from Norway.

The name clipfish comes from the fact that until the 1960s the fish was salted out on cliffs. Now it is salted for about two weeks in a tub to be brined. Afterwards, it is stacked with salt between the layers and laid dry so that the brine drains off. After two weeks it is salty. Ready salted fish is then dried in a drying tunnel or a drying chamber

Clipfish can be enjoyed in many ways: Like traditional bacalao in tomato sauce, along with pasta and cheese sauce, or as a Bacalo Pil Pil with chilli, garlic and olive oil. It also tastes good with gratinated nachos, or simply as snacks.

Clipfish cod
Packed in 25kg box
Sizes 21/30, 16/20, 13/15, 10/12, 7/9, 4/6

Clipfish loins
Packed  in 2kg bags
Sizes 300-700gr, 700gr+

Clipsfish bits (bacalao fish)
Packed in 2kg bags

Fresh fish

For 90 years, Sigurd Folland AS has sold fresh fish. We know that customers want high quality fish with a delicate flavour and we offer the best seasonal fresh fish available - every day. High focus on quality makes sure that the fish taste excellent!



Salting fish is a traditional preservation method. After one month in brine, the water content of the fish is 55% and the water is saturated with salt. Few enzymes and micro-organisms survive and the fish is conserved. 

Saltfish is fish which is salted but not dried. The fish's raw material is important for the quality, but also the salt method and storage play an important role. Sigurd Folland AS, as fourth generation fishmongers have very good knowledge of saltfish processing and guarantees excellent quality.

Saltfish Cod
Packed in 25kg box
Sizes 21/30, 16/20, 13/15, 10/12, 7/9, 4/6, 6+

Salt fillet

Sigurd Folland AS produces quality fillets of lange and brosme. Modern filleting machines, combined with great fish and excellent knowledge of processing, is your guarantee of salt fillets of unbeatable quality.

Salted fillets of Ling
Packed in 25kg box
Sizes 200/400, 400/700, 700/1000, 1000/1500, 1500/2000, 2000+

Salted fillets of Tusk
Packed in 25kg box
Sizes 100/200, 200/400, 400/700, 700+

Salted fillets of Cod
Packed in 25kg box
Sizes 200/400, 400/700, 700/1000, 1000/1500, 1500/2000, 2000+



The Old Norse word for cod is turskr, which means dried fish. Much of the dried fish, or stockfish, is made from cod, but also other fish species like brosme are used for stockfish.

Drying food is the world's oldest preservation method. Stockfish are unsalted fish that are dried outdoor naturally by the sun and the wind. Before it is hung for drying on the wooden racks, it is rinsed and cleaned. After about three months on the racks, most of the water disappears. Dried fish have the same nutritional content as fresh fish, but in a more concentrated form.

Stockfish Tusk
Packed in 45kg bundle
Sizes 20/40, 30/50, 50/70

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